At a glance

  • 5 Calls for Small Projects launched since 2011
  • More than 190 project proposals submitted
  • 28 projects supported in 11 countries around the Mediterranean
  • Duration of the projects: 18 months maximum
  • MedPAN grant: € 20,000 maximum


The 2015 Call for Small Projects has been launched - Deadline for project submission: 6 March 2015
L' Appel à Petits Projets 2015 est lancé - Date limite de dépôt des dossiers : 6 mars 2015 © MedPAN

MedPAN supports small projects in Mediterranean MPAs

Supporting Mediterranean Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) is at the heart of MedPAN's mission.

To this end, the network has set up a small projects scheme that aims to help MPAs provide a sustainable protection of biodiversity, while ensuring the sustainable economic development of human based activities.

These small projects provide direct support to MPA managers for the implementation of concrete actions, which will improve management effectiveness, test pilot schemes or put in place tools that can be useful to other MPAs.


2015 Call for Small Projects

MedPAN is launching a new Call for Small Projects to support the actions led in Marine Protected Areas (MPA) in the Mediterranean.

The aim of this Call for Small Projects (CSP) is to:
- Reinforce the management of the MPAs from an Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM) and sustainable financing perspectives,
- Support sustainable management and development of economic activities, especially tourism and fishing.

The eligible countries for the 2015 Call are: Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Palestinian Territories, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Albania.

This Call for small projects is split into 2 parts:

  • Call for Small Projects – Part A (CSP A): for projects conducted by MPA managers or by organizations responsible or involved in the MPA management. The organizations must be MedPAN members or become members of the MedPAN Association before the implementation of the project – or be official partners of the MedPAN Association.

          The activities concerned by CSP A are:
           - Management Planning from an ICZM perspective,
           - Innovative financing mechanisms,
           - Sustainable fisheries management,
           - Sustainable tourism management.

  • Call for Small Projects – Part B (CSP B): for projects conducted by organizations (NGOs, private companies, scientific institutions, and so on…) collaborating with MPA managers who are MedPAN members (or future members of the MedPAN Association) or MedPAN official partners.

          The activities concerned by CSP B are:
           - Developing sustainable tourism activities in MPAs,
           - Developing sustainable and alternatives fishing activities in MPAs.

Please download the rules and the grant application form. Make sure to select the appropriate folder (CSP A or CSP B).

The call for small projects is open between February 4th and March 6th 2015 at 6 pm. The MPA managers and the organizations who wish to participate will need to send a grant application form to the MedPAN Secretariat during this period. The best projects will be selected by April 20th 2015.

You will find all the details regarding participation eligibility, the type of projects that are required and the selection process in the rules document of the Call for Small Project.

To submit a grant request:
1. Read carefully the rules and assess whether your structure and project are eligible.
2. Fill in the grant application form.
3. Send it with all the necessary documents to Marianne Lang, officer in charge of the call for small projects by March 6th 2015 at 6 pm.


2014 Call for Small Projects

11 new projects were selected in the framework of the 2014 Call for Small Projects. Click here to keep reading.


3 Calls for Small Projects between 2011 and 2013

Three Calls for Small Projects were launched between 2011 and 2013 and 17 projects were funded around five main themes (Sustainable management of tourism, reinforcement of ecological monitoring, communication and environmental education actions, sustainable management of fisheries, consultation and mediation with stakeholders).

The scheme was widely mobilised for pilot and innovative actions that can be replicated in other MPAs.

For more information on the projects financed, we invite you to:


The small projects are financed by FFEM and the MAVA and Prince Albert II of Monaco foundations
The small projects are financed by FFEM and the MAVA and Prince Albert II of Monaco foundations


  • E-mail: Marianne Lang - responsible of the Calls for Small Projects
  • Office line: + 33 4 91 58 09 62