Building the capacity of MPA practionners

Capacity building is at the heart of the mission of the MedPAN network.

Indeed, in the Mediterranean, MPAs are short-staffed or have, more often than not, staff without a management, conservation or planning background. 

WWF Mediterranean, RAC/SPA and the MedPAN organisation, in collaboration with other key partners (see complete list on the right) have worked on a regional strategy for long-term capacity building that aims to build the capacity of the players involved in the planning and management of MPAs.  

The study and the resulting strategy can be downloaded here

Capacity building will be organised on several levels: regional, sub-regional, national and local. A training cycle will be implemented, including training definition (CV , objectives, experts, etc.), training workshops, field training, monitoring and assessment. An exchange network will be set up to support capacity building, plus a coaching system. A group of instructors will be organised, as well as a pool of experts, an instructor training programme will be drawn up (with designated national instructors) and a certification programme will be developed.  

Already, MPA practionners can benefit from: 


All partners:

  • WWF Mediterranean, 
  • MedPAN organisation
  • Conservatoire du Littoral / PIM initiative
  • UICN Med
  • WWF France
  • French MPA agency
  • Blue Plan
  • NOAA 
  • ATEN 
  • Directorate for Natural Assets Protection - Turkey
  • UNDP Turkey
  • with the support of 3 consultants, MM Arturo Lopez, Francis Staub and Sami Ben Haj