The "Management model of coastal, insular and marine areas in the Mediterranean" partnership


The partnership called "Management model of coastal, insular and marine areas in the Mediterranean" brings together the Conservatoire du Littoral, MedPAN and WWF Mediterranean. In the framework of this partnership, the 3 organisations will deepen their existing collaboration until 2017 to help make these sensitive areas models of Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM)  and sustainable financing management.

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The partnership relies on the existing strategies and programmes of action of each of the three partners: the PIM initiative for Small Mediterranean Islands of the Conservatoire du Littoral, the MedPAN 2013-2017 strategy, and SEA-Med project "Sustainable Economic Activities in Mediterranean Marine Protected Areas" of WWF Mediterranean that contributes to the WWF Mediterranean Initiative, the WWF network strategy.

The activities developed within the partnership will allow to better integrate the challenges that sites face today, including sustainable tourism, fishing and the establishment of efficient management through the elaboration of management documents or the development of monitoring.

Objectives of the partnership

  • Develop effective mechanisms for ICZM, sustainable financing for pilot sites and financial support for small local projects.
  • Strengthen the management of several pilot sites with an ICZM rationale and finance and implement small local projects led by managers of Marine Protected Areas
  • Encourage the involvement of policy makers and MPA stakeholders in ICZM initiatives through the promotion of sustainable management and financing and capitalisation of acquired experiences
  • Improve the scientific knowledge of the sites and strengthen managers' skills to actively participate in the processes of integrated management and sustainable financing of their sites.
  • Ensure an effective coordination between the project partners and maximise synergies to ensure continuity in the governance of the Conservatoire du Littoral PIM initiative, the WWF Mediterranean initiative and the MedPAN network.


The activities that are implemented are centered around 3 components:

  1. Component 1 : Developing ICZM and sustainable financing schemes in pilot sites and through the call for small projects proposal
  2. Component 2 : Commitment of coastal and marine protected areas decision-makers and players
  3. Component 3 : improving knowledge and strengthening capacities

The activities in details