Exchange visits

The purpose of these exchange visits is to allow MPA managers and other stakeholders to benefit from lessons learnt from successful experiences to build operational responses tailored to their own needs. These meetings are part of the Capacity Building strategy to enhance the management of MPAs in the Mediterranean, developed by MedPAN and its partners WWF Mediterranean and UNEP/MAP/RAC/SPA

The fundamentals of the ranger profession

28-30 October 2015 - Port-Cros National Park, France

The MedPAN Network organised an exchange visit with Port-Cros National Park (France) from October 28 to 30 2015, with the financial support of the French Marine Protected Areas Agency and the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region.

The visit focused on the fundamentals ranger profession. In French National Parks, the ranger function indeed combines several missions:

  • awareness and environmental education;
  • monitoring and enforcement of regulations;
  • participation in scientific monitoring.

With an operational focus in mind, the exchange visit was primarily aimed at field agents and new developing MPAs. The 6 participants hosted from Taza National Park (Algeria), APAL / Cap Bon MCPA (Tunisia), Tyr Coast Natural Reserve (Lebanon), and RODPAL and AGIR NGOs, partners of Al Hoceima National Park (Morocco), thus exchanged with the agents of Port-Cros National Park and with Mathieu Imbert from the Calanques National Park (who led an initiation to snorkel marine monitoring).

Bearing in mind the diversity of Mediterranean situations, the Manager to Manager transfer of experience aimed to engage everyone (hosts and guests) to think about his job, his mission, and the optimisation or implementation of new management practices.

These three days of exchange stressed the essential role of field agents (sentinels that are present every day) in the conduct of police missions, awareness-raising and scientific monitoring. They highlighted a number of interests and common needs concerning the development and facilitation of underwater trails, the implementation of easy to follow monitoring focusing on management priorities (with prerequisite training needs in apnea an snorkeling skills) and the need to push the development of regulatory frameworks and operational capacity which are often lacking.


Surveillance and enforcement

17-19 June 2014 - Specially Protected Area, Turkey

The first exchange visit  organised by MedPAN took place in the Specially Protected Area of Gökova in Turkey from 17 to 19 June  2014 and gathered libyan fishermen and officials and their Turkish counterparts. Read the news article that was written on this exchange visit.

This visit was set up as a follow-up to the 2013 MedPAN regional experience exchange focusing on "surveillance and regulations application in Mediterranean MPAs"