24 March 2015 - An appeal for the Pelagos Sanctuary for marine mammals in the Mediterranean is launched today by French, Italian and Monegasque Non Governmental Organisations.
Take a look at MedPAN's new Directory of Monitoring protocols! You'll find a collection of easy to access existing socio-economic and ecological monitoring protocols particularly applicable to the Mediterranean.
The MedPAN network brings together the managers of Mediterranean Marine Protected Areas and supports them in their management activities.The network aims to promote the establishment, the operation and the sustainability of a Mediterranean network of Marine Protected Areas.
MedPAN in collaboration with a number of partners organises in Marseille a conference called: "Socio-economic benefits of protected coastal and marine spaces in the mediterranean - What impacts for the sustainable development of territories?". A dialogue on the contribution of coastal and marine protected spaces to the sustainable development of territories.



From Hotspots to nets

A 3-part documentary of the CoCoNet projects that highlight the necessity of a network of Marine Protected Areas.



Marine Protected Areas in the Mediterranean

This new film from MedPAN was presented at the opening ceremony of the Forum of Marine Protected Areas in the Mediterranean in Antalya, Turkey in November 2012.


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