MedPAN has launched a new Call for Small Projects to support the actions led in Marine Protected Areas (MPA) in the Mediterranean, particularly in link with Integrated coastal zone management, sustainable financing and the sustainable management of tourism and fisheries activities. The deadline for applications is 30 May 2014.
The MedPAN network brings together the managers of Mediterranean Marine Protected Areas and supports them in their management activities.The network aims to promote the establishment, the operation and the sustainability of a Mediterranean network of Marine Protected Areas.
MaPAMed (Marine Protected Areas in the Mediterranean) is an SIG database which stores data about Mediterranean Marine Protected Areas, and more widely about sites of interest for the conservation of marine environment. It is developed and managed by MedPAN organization and RAC/SPA.
During the Forum held in Antalya (Turkey, 25th – 28 th November 2012), the Mediterranean MPA community identified the actions needed to establish an effective ecological network of MPAs. They elaborated a roadmap calling for urgent action and aimed at achieving, by 2020, the objectives set by international commitments.



Brijuni National Park in Croatia:
A hidden paradise

Brijuni National Park - The Hidden Paradise from Marko Vrdoljak on Vimeo.


Marine Protected Areas in the Mediterranean

This new film from MedPAN was presented at the opening ceremony of the Forum of Marine Protected Areas in the Mediterranean in Antalya, Turkey in November 2012.


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