MedMIS - Monitor invasive species in Mediterranean MPAs

MedMIS - Surveillance des espèces envahissantes non indigènes dans les AMP de Méditerranée


MedMIS is an online information system for monitoring invasive non-native species in Mediterranean MPAs.

Invasive species are one of the greatest threats to the biodiversity of both MPAs and the Mediterranean Sea.

MedMIS is available on the web or for smartphones (download the app in English, French or Spanish on itunes or on googleplay).

MedMIS provides nearly 50 identification factsheets of the most important marine invasive species. If you find a suspected invasive species in a MPA, please report it through this service. Note the location and if you can, take a picture. New records are displayed in maps after verification with experts. Your information will help us to increase the chances of stopping the species from becoming established and thus limiting their potential impact.

This platform is devoted to all those interested (amateur or professional divers, marine technicians, MPA managers, fishermen or scientists) in receiving information on invasive species in marine protected areas. Information collected will also support conservation efforts through recording the presence of potentially invasive species.

The online reporting system is based on a recent publication by IUCN in the context of the MedPAN North project, "Monitoring Invasive Species in Mediterranean Marine Protected Areas (MPAs): A strategy and practical guide for managers" - also available in French and Spanish - which describes and maps around half a hundred species.