The partners of the MedPAN North Project
The partners of the MedPAN North Project © WWF

The MedPAN North Project

A Transnational Cooperation Project to Enhance Management Effectiveness of Marine Protected Areas in the Northern Mediterranean

The MedPAN North project is an independent project operating within the MedPAN network framework under the leadership of WWF-France. It brings together 12 key actors from 6 European countries bordering the Mediterranean: Spain, France, Greece, Italy, Malta and Slovenia. With a budget of 2.38M€, it is co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund through the Med Programme. The project started in July 2010 and runs until June 2013.

The aim of the MedPAN North project is to improve MPA management effectiveness, including in the marine Natura 2000 sites and to contribute to the establishment of a network of MPAs, as part of the international commitments, and particularly the European commitments in this area.

This aim will be reached through various activities in 5 different components:

  1. Innovative aspects of MPA management
  2. Sustainable management of fisheries in MPAs
  3. Sustainable management of tourism in MPAs
  4. Communication
  5. Project management.

For each component, structuring the cross-national activities of the network (common recommendations, common tools...) will be systematically ensured with the implementation of concrete management activities (monitoring, area planning, consultation, communication, etc...) in different MPAs. Two pilot projects will be implemented.

The project will contribute to the related European policies: Habitats Directive, Action Plan for Biodiversity, Marine Directive, Common Fisheries Policy, Maritime Policy, Tourism and their implementation in the territorial policies in each country concerned, as well as to national policies.

The aim of the activities for the sustainable protection of the marine environment, especially in terms of sustainable tourism and fisheries, is to maintain long-term employment and even to create new jobs in these two areas.

This project is officially supported by the Barcelona Convention, through the Regional Activity Center for Specially Protected Areas, which is partner to the project. The MedPAN North project supplements the MedPAN South project and the MedMPAnet project which aim at supporting MPA creation and management in the Southern and Eastern Mediterranean countries.

The project outcomes will be perpetuated by the MedPAN Organisation.