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Marie Romani, Executive Secretary, presents the MedPAN network and the MedPAN organisation.

MedPAN aims to promote the establishment, the operation and the sustainability of a Mediterranean network of MPAs..  

The MedPAN organisation was created at the request of some Mediterranean Marine Protected Areas managers in 2008 with the mission to ccordinate the MedPAN network, the network of Marine Protected Areas managers that exixts since the 90s. For more information consult the History section of this site.

The non profit organisation was created in 2008 and its permanent secretariat is in place since the end of 2009. For more information consult the Governance section of this site.

MedPAN works with its members and partners as well as with governmental and non governmental organizations on a local, national, regional and international level to develop its activities.Take a look at the 2015 Programme of Activities of the MedPAN organisation

MedPAN activity reports are available online: